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Our international standards are validated and continuously inspected by Workskills International Australia making us a true pioneer in transnational education. This means you can attain a globally competitive education right here in Asia. Qualifications and certifications earned with us are recognized internationally both in higher educational institutions and industry establishments in the Philippines.

About Us

Workskills International is a professional consultancy in Vocational Education, Management, Training & Skills, and Accredited to the Tourism, Hospitality Events*Food Service industries international. Who specialise in the development of training programs and courses that are accredited or aligned within the International Qualifications Framework. This is for students and or workers studying for or working in industry to provide best practice standards and excellence in results for industry career pathways. Our highly qualified and experienced management teams are recognized as industry leaders who are focused on excellence in training and assessment to ensure the visions and outcomes of our client is achieved efficiently and effectively.

Our Services

Workskills International offers a range of programs and courses that are fully accredited within the International Qualifications Framework (AQF) for Australia or the National Framework for each country that we work with. Our training programs are based on industry standards that are industry standard & highly valued and recognized both nationally and internationally. The industry standards and frameworks are a nationally endorsed set of standards and qualifications for recognition and assessment of industry workers skills. In the Asian countries we specialise in local frameworks and ASEAN frameworks for alignments and recognition solutions of these frameworks so they may be recognized by Australia in the Hospitality and Tourism industries.

Director of Workskills International - Mrs. Christine Williamson

With over 30 years' experience Christine is recognized as one of International's leading educators in the Hospitality, Food & Tourism sectors.

Christine contribution both nationally and internationally to vocational education has been rewarded with the NSW Government Minister's Award for Excellence in Teaching and Outstanding Contribution to the Profession of Teaching. Tourism Training Australia has also recognized Christine with a prestigious National Training Legends Award and she has led her team in winning the highly coveted national award for Quality Training and Business Relationships. Christine has extensive experience with many large corporation and training institutions across international arena including the Philippines, China, Canada, Hong Kong, France, Switzerland and Thailand. Her wide and detailed knowledge of the industry and its needs ensures Workskills' clients of appropriate and effective results. Christine is an accredited Right Away Industry Advisor for the Tourism, Events and Hospitality industry.

Christine's qualifications include:

  • Master in Business Administration majoring in Human Resources and Leadership
  • Bachelor of Vocational Education & Training
  • Diploma in Education
  • Diploma in Hospitality
  • Diploma in Training and Assessment
  • Certificate IV in Training & Assessment
  • Qualified Chef

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